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TESY_Convector_Visual_Bathroom_CN03 1000


The HeatEco electric convector can be controlled with electronic thermoregulators deliver high precision temperature detection ensuring lower electricity consumption.

These convectors are made in the European Union and this affordable range is developed for high quality design combined with a small price tag.

  • Optimal convection - up to 25% faster room heating

  • Electronic thermoregulator 10-30° C with accuracy ±0.1°C - saves up to 21% electricity costs

  • Тhermostat calibration to achieve the desired comfort - temperature correction ±4° С

  • Weekly programmer 24h / 7d with 30-minute step

  • Adaptive start with on / off option - provides optimal comfort and saves energy

  • Bathroom installation option - splash proof IP 24 protection

  • Delayed start function - up to 96 hours

  • Anti-frost protection, fixed on 5° C, with on / off option

  • Keyboard lock / children protection

  • Overheating protection

  • LED display indicating desired and actual room temperature

  • Robust metal construction with excellent design


Oil Radiator CB

The oil radiators of the TESY CB series have a large heating surface, thus ensuring fast heating of the room. The type of heaters is the perfect solution for those suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies, as the air does not circulate in the room during operation.


  • Three power levels

  • Roller legs for easier movement

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • Made in: European Union

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