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AquaThermica Compact

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AquaThermica Compact is a wall-hung air-to-water heat pump for domestic hot water production. An environmentally friendly product, operating with renewable energy sources resulting in lower CO2 emissions* and includes models with volumes of 100 and 150 liters. 

  • The highest energy efficiency class A+

  • Operates within a wide temperature range of the incoming air starting from -5° C to 43 °C.

  • Heats up water to 60° C with the heat pump only

  • Precise measuring the refrigerant cycle for better performance

  • Ecological refrigerant R513

  • Up to 75% lower electricity consumption**.

  • Programmable with a user-friendly control panel

  • Can be connected to a photovoltaic panel

  • Automatic anti-legionella cycle

  • Self-diagnostic system


*According to the European Market and Statistical Report on the European Heat Pump Association 2020.

**Compared to a 100l TESY electric water heater with a load profile M.

Heat Pumps for domestic hot water

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